Candid Dauth


For Internet-based messages, use my PGP key for encryption.

Feel free to contact me using one of these protocols:



A PGP keyserver with privacy settings, including a node.js PGP library.
A map uniting different map stylings and features from different OpenStreetMap-related projects.
OSM Route Manager and OSM History Viewer
Tools for analysing OpenStreetMap map data.
Wieland-Gymnasium Biberach
Website about the Wieland-Gymnasium (grammar school) in Biberach, the technical part being realised by me. (Most content only in German.)

Former projects

Stars Under Attack
A so-called “Massive Multiplayer Online Game” with a currently not so massive amount of players. (Still only available in German.)
Holiday flats Herrenberg
A website about my mother’s holiday apartments in Herrenberg near Stuttgart.

Other sites on this domain
Candid’s brain, my weblog (partly in German). (also via FTP)
Public file server for any files that I need to distribute.
Web mailing software for e-mail addresses.
Old but still amazingly often used calculator for trading resources in the MMOG “T-D-M”.